Business Policies



- Eat, drink, and/or smoke in customer's home.
- Use the phone, turn on TVs, radios, or computers.
- Touch, or adjust thermostats.
- Open any drawers, or closed doors (any room the customer wants cleaned must be open).
- Use any cleaning product on the TV, or computer screens.
- Remove any item(s) from any customer's home, unless it is given to them in person as a gift, or to be discarded.
- Use any customer's equipment, or supplies unless instructed by the customer. (Some insist that we use their equipment/cleaning product instead of ours).
- Not to lift anything heavy (couches, beds, dressers …etc.)
- Not to work alone (always in teams of 2, 3, or 4 depending on the work site for their safety, and the security of the customer's home).
- Accept, or sign for ANY package being delivered at the house they are working in, unless asked by the home owner.
- Throw away ANY documents not already in the trash baskets.
- Walk-in with their shoes on to anyone's home (shoes will be taken off at the entrance).

To our Customers please note the followings:
- If paying by check please leave it on the kitchen counter.
- If paying by credit card please call in the number to the office a day prior to the service.
- The maids have been instructed to call the office if payment is not made prior to start of clean (they may not clean your home if payment, or other arrangement has not been made).
- Move out cleaning requires payment by credit card, or cash only.
- If for any reason you wish to cancel a scheduled services please let our office personnel - know at least 48 hrs in advance.
- A fee of $25.00 will be charged for any returned check.



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